I now offer some photography services.

Over the past year or so, I started building my photography portfolio. It all started with the need to take good photographs of my sewing work, and gradually we acquired some professional equipment and learned how to use it. At this point, I am a semi-professional as I did not charge money for my work yet, but have a booked wedding in August of 2010.

Here are some examples of my experience:
  • Professional fashion model
  • Portraits of adults and toddlers on location indoors/outdoors
  • Friends’ weddings (with low expectations, but OK results)
  • Small objects, mostly jewelry, other products
  • Pets
  • Food
  • Some events
Interested to give me a try? Send me an e-mail to: katya@modabykatya.com or call 319-621-5307

I do not have a set up studio, but I do have several backgrounds, including white seamless background, strobes and umbrellas if needed. Generally, I prefer to work on location of your choice: it can be a park, some place in town, your favorite place, your business, etc. I will take many photos, and will show you the proofs, out of which you can select the images you like, I’ll do minor editing to them and burn them on a CD or your flash drive, then you can print as many of them at your own convenience.


As a beginner, until I gain enough experience, I will charge reduced prices for my work. I will shoot for free if you’ll ask me to photograph something I have never worked on before as I am still building my portfolio. I will travel in 20 mile radius from Iowa City, for longer distances, my mileage rate is $1/mile for the mileage above 20 miles. (if the trip is 50 miles, I would charge for the 30 miles).


You can see some of my work on my Flickr photostream:


If you have a good cause, but cannot afford a photographer, I am open to donating my time to benefit my community, contact me for my schedule.