Please contact me by phone (319) 621-5307 or by e-mail ( to arrange an appointment. Please note, I do have a waiting list for alterations, but I will take on projects referred by other seamstresses in the area if deemed too complex for them.

At our first meeting you will bring the item to be altered and I will ask you to try it on for me, so I may pin whatever changes need to be made to your garment. You should also wear the shoes and undergarments you intend to wear with the garment, as, for example, the height of your heels will alter your posture, and the type of brassiere can alter your figure.

Once I have noted the changes to be made, I will be able to estimate the cost of the work, based on the complexity of the alterations, the type of fabric, and the deadline. For larger projects I may request a down payment. Otherwise, you may pay me when you pick up the finished item.

When I have finished making the changes you requested, I will invite you to come try on the item again. If the fit is to your satisfaction, you may take it home and wear it well! If changes still need to be made, we will continue to work together to achieve the optimal fit.